Electronics & Sustainability

You’ve been asked to envision a more sustainable lifecycle for electronic devices that addresses social, income, and environmental inequality. As a group select an electronic device and explore how to create a sustainable lifecycle that considers these inequalities. You should identify stakeholders, and designer and consumer decisions, and their environmental and social impacts.


  1. Students will understand how designer decision & consumer choices have environmental & social impact.
  2. Students will be able to conduct a search to I.D. stakeholders who provide reliable information and/or data on the topic.

Public Health Risk

You are an intern for the summer with the CDC tasked with developing research about a public health risk. Pick a microorganism that impacts your community to research paying close attention to the public health factors like transmission, etc. using reputable resources. Create a list of resources for a specific group (e.g. physicians) in your community.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Articulate markers of expertise within a field or discipline
  2. Recognize various levels of authority and when they are useful
  3. Find and select authoritative sources in Academic Search Complete

Nutrition Policy

You work for a government consulting firm and you have recently won the contract for a program that will improve senior nutrition in urban areas.  Using the CRAAPP method, choose three resources that will assist you in developing this program.