Integrating Student-Veterans on College Campuses

The college administration has asked for a student focus group:

  • Identify challenges facing student-veterans as they integrate in student life
  • What programs are likely to facilitate that integration?


  1. Students will develop research strategies to find evidence that will answer the question
  2. Students will articulate the ways in which information could be used to answer ill-structured, difficult questions

Conflict Resolution/Peacebuilding

You work for a civil service organization operating in a post-conflict zone. You’ve been tasked with:

  1. Identifying primary challenges with reintegrating child soldiers.
  2. Identifying programs/solutions to address these challenges.

Using your knowledge of grey literature, open web resources, and library databases, conduct a search to locate 3 resources you can use to answer these questions. While you can use any information to inform your report, your information must be relevant and timely with data-driven evidence.

Sports Management/Marketing

You are in charge of marketing at a university athletic center that has a partnership with the county in which it is located. One of the center’s goals for the upcoming fiscal year is to increase community members. This may include providing new services, equipment, or fitness classes, increasing the center’s social media presence, or attending community events. Anything is on the table! Using the CRAAPP method, list three resources that will help you bring a marketing plan to the team.  #marketing #sports


Law Enforcement

You are the chief of police who is charged with creating a community-based policing program in response to a rash of gun violence. Using the CRAAPP Method, find 3 resources that will help you with planning this program.

Your team is responsible for creating an awareness program about ISIL for local and state law enforcement. Using the CRAAPP Method, list three resources that will assist you with creating this program.