What’s this site all about? We hosted a workshop at the 2017 ACRL Conference called “Problem Based Learning for Beginners: From Gen Ed to Capstone,” but we didn’t want the learning it to end there! This site is a repository of problem scenarios useful for librarians to use when conducting problem-based learning instruction.

Who can contribute? Anyone! We really want this to become a resource for everyone to access and add to whenever they have something to contribute – whether it is a scenario that worked well, or one that needs a little more help to perfect. We envision this site to not only be a repository, but also to be a place where we can share learning experiences and ask questions.

How can you contribute? Glad you asked! We are happy to add anyone who is interested as an editor to this site (though we might ask you a few questions to prevent spammers from joining). If you want to join the site to add problems, create blog posts, etc. please go to our Contribute Scenarios page and send us a request!